• Easy, Reliable, Secure, Central PC Power Management incl. Wake On LAN. Works across IP-Segments, VLANs and even the Internet
  • EnviProt helps you to reduce the waste of energy by up to 80%
  • Reliable Wake On LAN - move admin tasks to off-hours
  • ROI within few months helps to reallocate funds
  • Improve IT energy efficiency by up to 80%
  • Start PCs automatically before classes and shut them down when no more needed
  • Just tell us what you need...


I.) New key features and major improvements

  • PlugIn into Microsoft® System Center® Configuration Manager (SCCM)
  • Windows 10® support
  • Very detailed Timing, Consumption and Savings Reports
  • Client reporting details now available on Server
  • Client reports can be reset centrally
  • Graphical representation of power consumption for all clients
  • Safe Shutdown: Auto Saving of MS Office Documents now integrated into the Management Console – Old script is not required anymore
  • Pass shutdown related information to a batch files executed before shutdown
  • Better Support for Clients in provisioning environments such as Rembo, XEN and others
  • Wake On LAN Scheduler: Exceptions such holidays can now be added
  • Wake On LAN Proxies (standard Windows clients/servers and Java enabled devices such as the Raspberry Pi)
  • Wake On LAN for VMs (start virtual machines via WOL)
  • Wake On LAN via XML control files
  • Mass Client Deployment: Server address and port number now can be added as parameters to the .msi file during deployment
  • Prevent users from blocking public PCs: (Auto log-off user and shutdown PCs after an idle time period)
  • Information about last wake up source added
  • Automatically analyze additional instances of monitored Performance Counters
  • Hardware related Client Energy Consumption Profiles
  • Settings updates to multiple groups
  • Screenshots
  • Support for Server Core installations (gui and management console can be made visible via a new command line option)
  • And much more...


II.) Microsoft .NET Framework

Auto Shutdown Manager releases 5.5.x and newer require the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.x.

Auto Shutdown Manager releases below 5.4 and below require the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.

The .NET Framework must be installed on the Clients and Server before installing Auto Shutdown Manager Release 5.
For more details please see our support forum


III.) Upgrade information for current version 4 users

New Licenses

Please note that the change from Release 4 to Release 5 is a so called major upgrade which means that the old Version 4 license won't work anymore and you'll need to purchase an upgrade to a new release 5 license.
EnviProt offers an upgrade discount of 35% for current customers. Please send us a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll find the best and cheapest upgrade option for you.

Old Release 4 Licenses

Release 4 licenses are still available, let us know if you need Release 4 licenses. Please send a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Upgrade the Server

Please make sure you have a valid license before upgrading.
If you're using an Auto Shutdown Manager Server or a single PC, uninstall the old version first via the Windows Control Panel -> Programs.
Install the new Auto Shutdown Manager Version 5 into the previous directory to keep the old configuration and settings. Enter your new license key to register.

Upgrade the Clients

Please make sure that the Microsoft .NET Framework is already installed on the clients.
On the Auto Shutdown Manager Server, open the Management Console and use the Update Manager to upgrade all clients automatically.
To safe network bandwidth we strongly recommend to process the upgrade per each client group.


IV.) How to find out the currently used release number

To find out which release you are currently using, open Auto Shutdown Manager. You can find the currently installed release in the lower green area of the window.