• Easy, Reliable, Secure, Central PC Power Management incl. Wake On LAN. Works across IP-Segments, VLANs and even the Internet
  • EnviProt helps you to reduce the waste of energy by up to 80%
  • Reliable Wake On LAN - move admin tasks to off-hours
  • ROI within few months helps to reallocate funds
  • Improve IT energy efficiency by up to 80%
  • Start PCs automatically before classes and shut them down when no more needed
  • Just tell us what you need...

Raspberry Pi as WOL Proxy

Auto Shutdown Manager Server supports Wake On LAN (WOL) into remote networks by using so called directed broadcasts or WOL Proxies. Because of the security issues directed broadcasts potentially have, WOL proxies are the technology of choice in almost all scenarios when it comes to wake remote computers located outside of the local network.RaspberryPi


Every computer that runs the Auto Shutdown Manager client can be used as a WOL proxy. In many cases, small 24/7 running PCs or local servers can do the job on remote locations.



However, if there isn’t such a server or PC available you now can use one of the affordable and low power consuming Raspberry Pi®devices.

Raspberry Pi as WOL Proxy


Download the software and a short manual here.