Green IT for GOVs, EDUs & NPOs

school pcs webGovernment agencies, Universities, Schools and Non-Profit Organisations now can take control of their IT energy use, reduce costs and make a difference by demonstrating citizenship, stewardship of finite resources and reducing their environmental impact. Auto Shutdown Manager will help to take these important steps. See our special offers.
Auto Shutdown Manager is already deployed to many schools and universities all over the world such as UC Berkeley USA, Herricks College NY USA, University of applied science Osnabrück Germany, University Erlangen-Nürnberg Germany, BWZ Switzerland, HSR Switzerland, Garibaldi College UK, St. Joseph College Australia - and many others.

Key benefits of using Auto Shutdown Manager:

  • Savings: Shutting down unused PCs saves energy, the environment and immense costs
  • Safe: Saves open MS-Office documents before shutdown
  • Reliable: Avoids shutdowns during classes
  • Transparent: Runs as Windows Service even if no users are logged on. Hidden to users.
  • Security: Shutting down unused PCs avoids accessing them by unauthorized students or others persons
  • Comfort: Staring PCs before classes saves lots of time and makes the teachers' lives easier.
  • Management/WOL/SCCM: Wake PCs one by one or by groups at any time for maintenance or patch management. Auto Shutdown Manager supports WOL over local networks, across different IP segments, across different VLANs and even across home offices or other locations over the Internet. 
    A SCCM Plug-In helps to wake PCs for deployments or updates automatically based on the SCCM packages, updates or deployments.
  • Auto Log OFF: prevets blocking of public PCs by auto log off inactive users after a certaint time of inactivity
  • Many others...


Special Offers

Please see our special offers here - For Government Agencies, EDUs & Non-Profit Organisations only.


Case Study: US School District Wakes Up 8500 PCs on 47 campuses
Case Study: German University deploys Auto Shutdown Manager and achieves ROI in Weeks
Case Study: Herricks College in NY deployed the solution to 1200 computers to add security
Case Study: Berkeley University of California and the Green Soda project

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