The Management Console allows configuration, updates, management and deployment of power management settings and policies from one central place. All clients are managed by groups.
The Management Console also supports daily administration tasks such as remote wake up, shutting down, logging users off and restarting single PCs or selected PC groups.



The Management Console provides five different management categories:


Client Manager

The Client Manager allows the creation of groups with different power policies, security options, and other administrative settings.
Client PCs are then assigned to the appropriate group - this can be done very easy manually via drag and drop, or can be fully automated based on PC name filters or the active directory structure. For example, different settings can be defined for office PCs, support staff, sales or marketing. The number of groups is unlimited. Furthermore, the Client Manager also supports remote wakeup and remote shutdown commands such as restart, standby, hibernate, log off users, or power down individual PCs or entire PC Groups.

PC Power Management by Groups


License Manager

The License Manager is used to manage the licensing system.
There are two possible ways of licensing. Each client can have its own permanent license, or can lease a license from the server. If clients lease licenses from the server, there is no need to enter licenses manually for each client, which makes the overall licensing process extremely simple and transparent. The lease time for client licenses is 90 days – therefore, outdated or inactive clients are removed automatically after 90 days and their licenses are reused for other clients. Each time a client connects to the server, the lease time is updated. The timeframe of 90 days is sufficiently long to cover occasionally connected clients, such as laptops, and to bridge longer out-of-office times. Inactive clients can also be removed manually, which releases their licenses immediately.


Update Manager

The Update Manager helps to keep the Auto Shutdown Manager Release up to date across the entire client base. The update process is fully automated and transparent – even if no users are logged on to their PCs.
Once a more recent Auto Shutdown Manager Release is available, update the server first. Then select the Client Groups you wish to update and press ”Allow Update Now" - that's all it takes to update hundreds or thousands of clients - just a few clicks!


Maintenance Manager

The Maintenance Manager helps to power up clients automatically for maintenance tasks, keep them running as long as needed, and power them down after the administration has been done. The wakeup process can be scheduled or executed immediately via WoL (Wake on LAN).
Note: Auto Shutdown Manager supports advanced WOL capabilities, so that PCs outside of the server's local IP segment, and even over the Internet, can be reached.

PC Power Management Real Time Actions


Client Monitor

The Client Monitor is used to display an overview of recent events.
Events such as clients’ wake ups, shut downs, initializations, updates or issues and others are displayed.
All report details can be written onto a Microsoft SQL Database for further analysis.

PC Power Management Client Monitor

The Client Monitor offers a high-level savings report. More details can be found in the database for further analysis.

PC Power Management Savings Report


See the manual for more details, or get your free 45-day evaluation copy now.