Auto Shutdown Manager can easily integrate into your MCM (SCCM) system. By using it, you can perform WOL and remote shutdown tasks for devices and device collections across networks, IP segments, VLANs, and the Internet, directly from the MCM console.

One of the benefits of using Auto Shutdown Manager is that it automatically syncs schedules between MCM and the Auto Shutdown Manager. This means that you can efficiently manage scheduled software and update deployments for your devices, without having to worry about manually syncing schedules between the two systems.

Our plugin for Microsoft® Configuration Manager (MCM) provides a user-friendly interface that simplifies the deployment and management of Wake On LAN and remote shutdown tasks. With Auto Shutdown Manager, you can ensure that your devices are efficiently managed, while reducing the time and effort required to manage them.


Starting with Auto Shutdown Manager Release EnviProt offers a plugin for the MCM: Microsoft® Configuration Manager (known before as SCCM: Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager©).

Very simple installation:

Reliable WOL for SCCM

Plugin Installed:

sccm plugin2 ng


The plugin supports all WOL (Wake on LAN) capabilities offered by the Auto Shutdown Manager Server, such as local broadcasts, directed broadcasts and WOL proxies to enable the waking of clients or collections over IP segments, VLANs, and the Internet.


The plugin also supports all remote shutdown and remote sleep modes offered by the Auto Shutdown Manager Server, such as Standby, Hibernate, Restart, Shutdown, and Log Off Users. All modes are applicable to individual clients or collections.


WOL for MCM/SCCM Deployments via Auto Shutdown Manager Server

The MCM/SCCM-Plugin also supports an integrated Application Deployment Scanner that automatically transfers MCM/SCCM schedules to the Auto Shutdown Manager Server for reliable WOL. Supported are schedules for application deployments and updates, as well as packages. All needed data is read via WMI, no further configuration is required.

An application deployment as scheduled in MCM/SCCM (UTC-based):

SCCM based software deployment scheule


This deployment transferred into the Auto Shutdown Manager Server WOL Scheduler with the time zone corrected.

SCCM based software deployment processed in Auto Shutdown Manager WOL Scheduler

More details can be found in the manual. The MCM (SCCM) Plugin is already included into the installation package.

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